MacKay Design Studio
"On a scale and in a context that rebelliously continues to break the boundaries of conventional design, Musson's artworks remain of the highest quality." (The Dubai City Times)

"Musson's original approach falls somewhere between fine art and decoration." (The Guardian)

"Neil Musson demonstrates that developments in lighting technology mean that there are all sorts of exciting new possibilities for transforming a building." (The Telegraph)

"Musson's approach to the application of light emitting diodes comes from a more sculptural discipline than strict interior design." (The Independent On Sunday)

Neil Musson is an artist and designer based in the UK who trained at the Royal College of Art and founded MacKay Design Studio to enhance the man made environment by painting with light.

He has exhibited paintings and light artworks widely in America, Europe and the Middle East and more recently focussed his attentions on light as a medium to explore his concepts. Inspiration is primarily found in the geometry of renaissance painting, woven structures and a direct connection to the architecture of the space in which the work is sited.

Neil has worked as a consultant to the LED industry and has close connections to many architects with whom he develops creative concepts. He also lectures in contemporary design and gives CPD training to architectural practices.